About the tower

Located in the center of the recently rehabilitated citadel, at the appropriate height - the last level accessible to the public being of  27.64 m, the tower will provide a panoramic view of the citadel and of the historical monuments in its premises. This is meant to increase the number of tourists and the level of touristic atractiveness of Alba Iulia Citadel, a significant landmark of the Central-Eastern European space, which is expected to have a positive social, cultural and economical impact.

In order to increase the attractiveness of this heritage objective, through this project will be built and equipped several spaces meant to be used for presenting the restoration process, as well as important heritage values of the Cathedral, Archbishop's Palace, and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. The project will thus contribute to strengthening the cultural identity of the Transylvanian Roman Catholic community, and to popularize its material culture.

Reopening of the Cathedral Southern Gate - Maiestas Domini, as well as installing a special elevator will ensure unimpeded access of people with disabilities to this heritage building.

This project is one of many involving restoration and recovery of cultural and religious heritage, implemented by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Alba Iulia with the complementary efforts of local authorities, to exploit the built heritage of the municipality and to participate in the development of the local community.

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.